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Presenting our work at AUPresses

The 2023 annual meeting of the Association of University Presses (also known as AUPresses) took place virtually from June 5-16 and saw more than 700 delegates from publishers, libraries, scholarly organizations, and vendors come together to discuss the changing publication landscape. Digital Publishing in the Humanities was represented by Mae Velloso-Lyons, who participated in a panel titled "Digital Web-Based Monograph Publishing," organized in collaboration with Brown University Digital Publications and Stanford University Press.

Mae was joined by Emory faculty member Kylie Smith, a Digital Monograph Workshop alumna, to discuss how her forthcoming book, Jim Crow in the Asylum, offers a new template for digitally-enhanced scholarship.

The segment with Kylie Smith begins at 08:10 and the segment with Mae Velloso-Lyons begins at 18:51.