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Welcome to the website for the Digital Publishing in the Humanities initiative at Emory University. Sponsored by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Emory College Office of Faculty, the initiative aims both to educate the Emory community about the emerging publication options in long-form scholarship, and to offer subventions and expertise to support the publication of digital and open access monographs by Emory faculty.

The landscape of scholarly publications is changing rapidly, and we hope to provide an easy point of entry for all faculty, with or without digital scholarship experience, whose research output includes book-length projects. We aim to work with faculty members across book-producing disciplines to help them understand and navigate the shifting terrain of academic publication during a time when two related transitions are in progress:

  • A transition from a sales-driven model of monograph publication toward one in which the author's home institution bears the majority of the publication expenses (a “university-funded” model of publication).
  • A transition in the format of some publications from print to digital and open access.

 Our program supports three kinds of open access projects:

  • Close analogues of print monographs that would benefit significantly from publication in an open access form. 
  • Enhanced monographs that take advantage of the networked digital environment to provide reading experiences that cannot be replicated in print, such as by embedding audio or video, or by linking directly to primary evidence. 
  • Long–form scholarly digital works that could not exist in a print environment. These works must provide evidence of significantly advancing a scholarly question or a field of research. 

Learn more on this website about open access publishing and digital monographs. Schedule a presentation for your department or class, or request an individual consultationOur team looks forward to helping you realize your digital monograph projects!