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Information for Publishers

As stated in its Open Access Policy, Emory University is committed to disseminating the research and scholarship of its faculty as widely as possible. As a signatory of the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities and as a member of SPARC, Emory expects that the following criteria for open access be met for monographs supported through its institutional open access subsidies:

  • An open monograph will be available free of charge to read and download immediately upon publication.
  • Eligible publishers must maintain a high standard of peer review, editorial support, and marketing for open monographs. All members of the Association of University Presses (AUPresses) are automatically eligible.
  • Commercial academic, scholarly trade, and textbook publishers may be deemed eligible on a case-by-case basis with a detailed description of the publisher’s peer review and editorial selection process.
  • Authors retain copyright of their books.
  • The institutional subvention will be treated as a subsidy and not as a sale of electronic rights upon which the author will receive royalties.
  • The book should be published under a Creative Commons (CC) license, selected by the author in consultation with the book’s publisher and Emory Libraries’ Scholarly Communications Office. Emory’s recommendation for a CC license for monographs is either CC BY-NC 4.0 or CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.
  • The digital format of the e-book should be accessible to those with print disabilities and free of digital rights management. EPUB3 or a later version is preferred.
  • We encourage publishers to make a print counterpart simultaneously available for sale where possible. Authors should receive appropriate royalties on sales of a print edition.
  • The open version should be the electronic version of record, and not a pre-publication draft. We expect that publishers accepting this subvention will not sell an electronic version of the book with significant enhancements beyond those available in the open version.
  • Potential buyers of the printed book should be made aware that an open version is available. Conversely, when a print version is available for sale, we encourage publishers to post purchasing information for the bound book alongside the open access version.
  • We expect publishers to ensure wide distribution of the open version, along with robust metadata, to appropriate platforms, including the publisher’s own platform (where applicable), Directory of Open Access Books, HathiTrust, JSTOR, OAPEN, and Project MUSE.
  • We further expect that publishers will provide to authors and/or Emory, upon request, usage metrics (e.g., number of downloads over time; demographic and geographic analysis) at the chapter and book levels, as well as altmetrics that measure the book’s overall impact.
  • A copy of the final digital files for the monograph, as well as any individual multimedia files used in its composition, must be deposited with the Emory Library for long-term preservation (in the OpenEmory repository or elsewhere, as circumstances require)The Library will work with authors and publishers to facilitate these preservation activities.